Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Why do I need a boiler service and what is it?

Like with most things heavy use will cause wear and tear, this along with no care given will dramatically reduce the reliability. We use and rely on our boilers so much we don't notice how important they are until they let us down. Throughout the winter they keep your homes warm and provide hot water year around multi times a day. This is very heavy use more so than your car as your boiler is constantly firing up and switching off which is a big ask on all the components. It is highly recommended like with all other gas appliances that a boiler is serviced annually.

The biggest reason for this is to keep the boiler working safely. A boiler burning gas incorrectly produces carbon monoxide a toxic gas to the human body than can very quickly cause fatalities. Carbon monoxide has no colour or smell so can be difficult to realise that a faulty boiler is the reason your getting those headaches and feeling sick. We also want to keep the boiler running efficiently, you don't want to spend more money on gas than you really have to besides the environmental impact an inefficient boiler has.

Servicing a boiler will help keep it clean and smooth running putting less stress on the individual components inside the boiler. Water quality is a huge part of this and is estimated to be the cause of 80% of boiler breakdowns so we put great care to maintain both the boiler and the water quality.

How much does it cost?

We charge £50 to carry out a boiler service to the manufacturers instructions. Each boiler has its own servicing schedule of what needs doing for that specific boiler and when, so it is important to carry out the service how the maker of that boiler wanted it doing, this will also protect the warranty. We cannot guarantee this will be the final price however in most cases it is. On some occasions boilers require new burner seals or other parts that are degrading that can only be assessed as part of the service. If this is the case we carry out the service if it is safe to do so we will leave the boiler in operation quote you for any parts that need to be changed and do so on a second visit.

Where do we carry out this service?

  • Prestatyn
  • Rhyl
  • Abergele
  • Flint
  • Llandudno

We carry out services outside these area's within reasonable distances.

If you require a boiler service and wish to book us to carry this out please contact us by following this link.

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