Gas Fires

Installation, Servicing and Repair

Flue Types and Styles

There are different flue types when it comes to choosing a new gas fire. The most common is Open Flue, this means it take the air that it uses to burn from inside the room your in and uses a chimney to remove the products of combustion. These can come in different styles Radiant, Glass fronted and decorative fuel effect. These fires can sometimes be difficult to choose to suite your type of chimney such as precast, standard chimney.  The other type is Flueless, these burn the air that it uses from the room your in and uses a type of catalytic converter so that the fumes are safe to enter the room. In our opinion these can be quite dangerous and it is important to keep them well maintained. Balanced flue fires are the safest working similar to that of a boiler as they take air from outside and fumes exit to outside. These can come floor standing with a hearth or wall mounted. 


It is important these these appliances are kept well serviced so they work safely. As there are different types of gas fire servicing procedure varies between the types. It is important to check the flue or chimney is clear of debris and obstructions. Building hatches must be suited to the gas appliance and clear of debris. The radiant's or coals must be of good condition and kept clean from any soot. The appliance is checked for correct operation and burners and pilots cleaned and tested.


Gas fires can be difficult to repair on occasion. This is due to the manufacturers constantly selling up and the buying companies stopping all spares. Even so spares for fires tend to be quite expensive inless a universal part is compatible to replace with. Gas Fire common faults consist of pilot light not lighting or not staying lit. 

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